Why Women Are Having More Heart Attacks?

Why Women Are Having More Heart Attacks?

Heart disease is no longer only “a man’s problem,” and women are now just as susceptible. According to Best Cardiologist Doctor in Delhi, it was discovered that in India, the incidence of untreated hypertension among women in the age range of 15 to 49 years is 18% to 19%, dispelling the assumption that heart-related illnesses are more common in men.

Other international studies have also revealed that heart conditions are now the main reason why women die, killing ten times more people than breast cancer. Despite the fact that heart disease among women is on the rise, many may not receive prompt treatment or a proper diagnosis because of a lack of knowledge.

Why do women’s cardiac conditions go undiagnosed?

Heart Specialist Doctors in South Delhi, says that women in India frequently disregard their own needs while taking care of their loved ones, even their health. For instance, if a woman experiences modest chest pain, she would choose to ignore the symptoms and concentrate on managing the work/household responsibilities rather than seeing a doctor. The patriarchal structure of our society also requires women to prioritize the health of others over their own, which leads to late diagnosis and is one of the main factors contributing to the rise in heart disease among women in the nation.

Women frequently don’t realize if they’ve had one or more heart attacks until they eventually go to the doctor. Men typically experience severe, immediate chest pain and cold sweats during a heart attack, whereas women typically experience milder symptoms and more frequent, smaller heart attacks. Women may have symptoms ranging from heartburn to neck and back pain to weariness to jaw pain, which should prompt them to get frequent health checks and take preventative actions to ensure general wellbeing.

What age range is most at risk for heart attacks, and what are the main worries?

Due to reduced estrogen levels during menopause, stress from job and family obligations, loneliness, and a lack of physical activity, women between the ages of 45 and 55 are at a significant risk of having a heart attack. As mentioned by Heart Failure Specialist Doctors in saket Delhi, in comparison to males, more women in this age bracket may experience unusual symptoms and go misdiagnosed.

The second most affected age group is 60 years old, where biological degeneration increases the risk of heart attacks in both men and women. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and high cholesterol are some of the other major issues that increase a woman’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

What self-care measures should women do to prevent heart attacks?

Women can prevent heart disease in a number of ways, including –

  • 1. Become more knowledgeable about the risk factors that can result in blockages.
  • 2. Refrain from using tobacco or smoking
  • 3. Exercise for 30 to 45 minutes each day to preserve heart health and combat obesity. Examples of these activities include yoga, dance, running, and walking.
  • 4. Adopt a balanced diet and stay away from junk food and carbonated drinks. Diets for a healthy heart can improve heart health if they contain complex carbs, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, as well as less sugar, salt, and fat.

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that gender has no bearing on heart attacks and that both men and women are equally susceptible to the ailment. But you may give yourself the gift of excellent health by living a healthy lifestyle and obtaining regular exams. If you have any query related to heart, please take the patient to Best Cardiologist Doctor in Max Hospital Delhi. It’s time to see the best cardiologist, Dr Rajiv Agarwal, Principal Director Cardiology, Max Hospital Saket Delhi.

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