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When one or more of your heart's valves fails to function properly, you have heart valve disease.

The four valves in your heart keep blood flowing in the right direction. One or more of the valves may not open or close properly in some cases. This can cause the flow of blood from your heart to your body to be disrupted.

The affected heart valve, as well as the type and severity of the disease, influence your heart valve disease treatment. Surgery to repair or replace a heart valve may be required in the case of heart valve disease.

Some people with heart valve disease may go years without experiencing symptoms. When a doctor listens to the heart with a stethoscope, there is a whooshing sound (heart murmur).

  • Chest ache
  • Swelling in the abdomen (more common with advanced tricuspid regurgitation)
  • Fatigue

Difficulties breathing, especially when active or lying down

  • Your ankles and feet are swollen.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fainting.
  • Heartbeat irregularity.


The four heart valves that keep blood flowing in the right direction are the mitral, tricuspid, pulmonary, and aortic valves. Each valve's flaps (leaflets) open and close once per heartbeat. Blood flow through your heart to your body is disrupted if one or more of the valves fails to open or close properly.

Heart valve disease can occur at birth (congenital). It can also occur in adults for a variety of reasons and conditions, including infections and other heart conditions.

Heart valve issues include:

Regurgitation. Because the valve flaps do not close properly, blood leaks backward in your heart. This is most commonly caused by valve flaps bulging back, a condition known as prolapse.

Stenosis. The valve flaps thicken or stiffen and may fuse together. As a result, the valve opening narrows and blood flow through the valve decreases. Atresia. Because the valve does not form, a solid sheet of tissue blocks blood flow between the heart chambers.

Risk Elements

Several factors can increase your chances of developing heart valve disease, including:

  • Advancing years
  • Previous history of certain infections that can harm the heart
  • Previous history of certain types of heart disease or a heart attack
  • Heart problems are present at birth (congenital heart disease)


Many complications can arise from heart valve disease, including:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Clots in the blood
  • Abnormalities in heart rhythm
  • Death\diagnosis

Your doctor will perform a physical examination and listen for a heart murmur, which could indicate a heart valve problem. Several tests may be required to diagnose your condition.

Tests could include:

Echocardiography. Sound waves from a wand-like device (transducer) directed at your heart produce video images of your heart in motion. This test evaluates the structure of your heart, its valves, and the blood flow through it. An echocardiogram allows your doctor to examine the heart valves and determine how well they are functioning. A 3D echocardiogram may also be used by doctors.

In a transesophageal echocardiogram, a small transducer attached to the end of a tube is inserted down the tube leading from your mouth to your stomach (esophagus). This test allows your doctor to see the heart valves in greater detail than a standard echocardiogram allows.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) (ECG). Electrical impulses from your heart are measured using wires (electrodes) attached to pads on your skin. An ECG can detect enlarged heart chambers, heart disease, and irregular heart rhythms.

X-ray of the chest a chest X-ray can tell your doctor if your heart is enlarged, which can indicate certain types of heart valve disease. A chest X-ray can also assist doctors in determining the state of your lungs.


Treatment for heart valve disease is determined by your symptoms, the severity of the condition, and whether or not your condition is worsening.

Heart valves specialist doctor in saket Delhi Your care will be provided by a cardiologist, a doctor who specializes in heart disease. Regular follow-up visits to monitor your condition may be part of your treatment. You could be asked to:

  • Change your lifestyle for the better.
  • Use medications to alleviate symptoms.
  • If you have an irregular heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation, you should take blood thinners to reduce your risk of blood clots.

Surgery or other medical procedures

As per the best heart care specialist in Delhi Even if you don't have symptoms, you may need heart valve surgery to repair or replace the diseased heart valve. If you require surgery for another heart condition, your doctor may repair or replace the diseased valve as well.

Typically, heart valve surgery is performed through a cut (incision) in the chest. Doctors may perform minimally invasive heart surgery, which involves smaller incisions than open-heart surgery. Robot-assisted heart surgery, a type of minimally invasive heart surgery in which surgeons use robotic instruments, is performed in some medical centers.

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Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi

The cost of heart valve replacement surgery varies according to city and hospital. To get the best Heart Valve Surgery Treatment in Delhi one should contact Dr Rajiv Agarwal Best Doctor for Heart Valve Treatment in Max Hospital Delhi. Treatment cost for Heart valve replacement in Delhi may varies from 2.5lak to 4.5 lakh depending on the condition of patient.

How much do Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi on an average?

Types of Treatment Approximate charges
Heart Valve Replacement Treatment cost in Delhi Rs. 2,45,000 onwards
Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Charges in Delhi Rs. 2,45,000 onwards

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