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FAQs about Pacemaker Implantation

Best doctor for pacemaker in Delhi. Pacemakers are needed for those patients who suffer from irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrythemia. 

What is a Pacemaker and What does it do?

A pacemaker is small battery operated device that sends small electrical impulses to your heart to keep the heartbeat regular and in general at a normal pace.

Why people need pacemaker?

There is a small area in heart known as SA node that sends impulses to keep the heart beat regular. When SA node is not able to pass regular impulses then pacemaker is needed.

Can I lead a normal life after Pacemaker Implantation?

Yes, although it depends upon how severe and debilitating your condition is. All patients feel better and lead a better quality of life after Pacemaker implantation.

Is Pacemaker surgery a minimally invasive surgery or a major open surgery?

Pacemaker implantation is a minimally invasive surgery performed by Dr Rajiv Agarwal in routine. He makes sure the device is working at a normal pace and heart is responding well to its impulses.

Can a pacemaker be implanted along with CRT?

Yes, CRT is a cardiac device and for those patients who's heart chambers are not in sync while beating. CRT-P is required. This device synchronizes the heart beat and also gives impulses to keep them at a normal pace.

Do I have to come for follow up after pacemaker Implantation?

Yes, most patients lead a normal life after getting treated but an expert opinion is required to check for the optimal functioning of device, battery life and what more can be done to get a better quality of life. A follow up every 6 months is necessary.

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Dr Rajiv Agarwal believes that not every chest pain is heart attack and the patient must be checked thoroughly before reaching a diagnosis. A good diagnosis is the treatment half-done. Best doctor for pacemaker in Delhi.

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Dr Rajiv Agarwal is an experienced and skilled heart doctor for all the heart diseases treatment, diagnostic procedures, cardiac catheterization, stent placement, pacemaker surgery and LVAD procedure etc.

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Our happy patients are our treasure. A doctor feels equally happy if not more, when a patient recovers and gets discharged comletely healthy from the hospital. 

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